2 weeks on the NYT bestseller list, debuted at #1!

"The Phantom of the Opera is reborn in this supernatural tale of music, passions, and love. A rich, atmospheric story that readers will be hard-pressed to put down." ~ Kirkus Reviews 

"This is an accomplished undertaking... A good purchase for paranormal romance collections, and the connections to a classic work of literature add appeal." ~School Library Journal

"A modern day Phantom of the Opera ... Musical theater obsessed teens will devour the retelling of this classical musical. Howard is a master of retellings..." ~BWW (via 

"Part vampire lore and part love story, this will appeal to those who enjoyed titles like Beautiful Creatures and Vampire Academy." ~School Library Connection

"Moral dilemmas that pit romantic against familial love, and loyalty against self-preservation. Thorn is a complex and tragic character, and Rune is a credible mix of self-possession, curiosity, vulnerability, and pragmatism. Ingenious ties to Leroux’s work ... lush, sensual details. [An] absorbing paranormal romance." ~BCCB (Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books)

"This novel will intrigue and delight readers of vampire, paranormal and contemporary Gothic romance ... [a] dark and cleverly woven tale." ~USA Today HEA blog 

"With its hauntingly beautiful world-building and mysterious atmosphere, [RoseBlood's] eloquent story is one you won’t want to miss." ~Buzzfeed

"RoseBlood is a beautifully written story that is vivid, gothic, creepy, romantic, thrilling, and intriguing ... [it] will entice you like seductive and haunting music, slowly, gradually, and passionately." ~Mishma, BNTEEN blog 

"There's never a boring moment in the story, yet the plot slowly unfurls ... an exploration that you never want to stop discovering. Music, magic, and a spellbinding romance makes for a delish read." ~ Aila, IBeReader 

"Vivid, imaginative, dark. A.G Howard turned what originally felt like a Gothic ghost story into a Gothic-meets-modern fantasy. Captivating, fun to read, and hard to put down." ~ Sincerely, Sara 

"Mystery, intrigue, & thrilling describe this wonderful reinvented classic." ~Michelle, Dark Faerie Tales 

"ROSEBLOOD blends beauty with the macabre, heartbreak with the horrifying, the normal with the unusual, the past and the present. It is an adventure, a mystery, and a love story. It is gorgeous and captivating and strange ... haunting and disturbing and brilliant." ~ Fiktshun

"Seductive and thrilling and dreamy..." ~The Eater of Books 

"Beautiful and atmospheric and vivid. An operahouse with a dark past and a singer with a special gift...the mystery and the romance [are] amazing and utterly stunning!" ~Angela Ciani 

"A.G. Howard has a hypnotic way of storytelling. One of my favorite retellings ever...magical and mysterious and creepy and amazing." ~Owl Always Be Reading 

"A beautifully crafted gothic tale." ~Reading Lark 

"A superbly written tribute to The Phantom of the Opera... a gorgeous melody without the embellishment of notes on a staff. Roseblood is romantic, daring, and passionate – features that captivate an audience as much as a stellar singer does in her solo." ~One Way Or An Author 

"A.G. Howard has crafted a totally unique and immersive world. [A] gorgeous world with amazing new characters to integrate with the old and the romance is to die for! If you're a fan of retellings or Phantom of the Opera, this is one you definitely shouldn't miss." ~Cornerfolds 

"This is a tale like no other and you have to experience it for yourself. RoseBlood is a hypnotic story of love, hate, revenge, and redemption." ~By Hook Or By Book 

"The history is so entwined in this story that it truly feels like an extension of the original. You can feel the music coming from within the pages, and the spellbinding romance will seduce you till the final page." ~Among the Authors 

"Much like Phantom, RoseBlood is hauntingly beautiful and very atmospheric with just a smidge of darkness. An insightful, unique, surprising, plot-twist-filled, and breathtaking retelling of an iconic classic." ~Book Nerd Momo 

"If you want an emotional and slightly manic retelling of the Phantom of the Opera: here it is. It calls to you, it sings to you; I spent the entire ending freaking out over our morally grey Phantom and the starcrossed lovers of Rune and Thorn ... slightly stressful and entirely beautiful." ~Cait, Paper Fury